Montsalvy, 8th April 2010


View of Entraygues village from Gothic bridge

What a day!  Started early again with breakfast at about 8.30am, followed by wonderful hot shower at 1 euro a go on the ‘aire’ at Montsalvy, very spacious, warm and clean.  Then Adonis and I walked into charming quaint village, where there was a small market selling local products, and bought saucisson, Cantal cheese and a baguette for lunch. 

We set off down south at 10.15 am and went down and up and down and up on very  windy road to discover staggeringly beautiful villages along the way, such as Entraygues, Estang and Espalion, which deservedly require another visit with more time to explore. Everything around this area is just gob-smacking stunning and you just can’t travel through without stopping or at least making a note to come back for a second look.  I took a few pictures from cockpit, but I’m not sure about their quality, as I haven’t had the chance to upload onto laptop yet.

We made our way down to Spanish border rather quickly, as weather in France was ‘a bit’ cold (frost on the ground). I drove for a bit, past Millau, where Adonis took picture of amazing new viaduct and Pepo moaned about Blues CD being played, so we had to switch music off!

No major traumas on the way at all and we finally arrived at Salou’s Sanguli campsite at 7.30pm.  This is a campsite  like no other we’ve been to before.  The sheer size is overwhelming and just finding your way around toilet/shower/washing up area requires a compass!  Adonis and I just got lost trying to find the latter after dinner of Fajitas and ended up in the Caribbean bungalow area, thinking we had already crossed a whole ocean.  Still, it looks very interesting, with lots to offer in the way of entertainment for teenagers and Pepo’s happy because he’s got internet connexion.

It’s 11.20 pm and I am dead beat so I’m turning in for the night and I look forward to exploring this amazing site and seaside resort tomorrow.  I just want to state now that Bramble has been an absolute treasure on this long journey and that he’s the best travelling dog EVER!

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