Port Salou, Saturday, 10th April 2010


The following was written by Peter Saysell (husband)

Sunny day. Got up, had breakfast and then took Bramble out for a swim and walk.  When we got back, Fleppy and I got on our bikes and cycled into Salou to do the shopping.  We found the market and bought some fruit and veg, lamb chops, clams and prawns for a paella in the evening.  It was a struggle to ride the bikes with all the weight, but it got easier the quicker we went.  We then had some beers by the van and lunch.

While I had a siesta, Floppo took Brambe out again for a walk/swim – but no poo!  I went up to the pool for a swim and then sat around before we went over to see Buelo and Buela on Cambrils Park, where they were squashed next to some Dutch caravanners and planning to move – no, we didn’t, that was the day before! They came to us for aperitifs! Then took Br out again and this time Poo! We had a good paella and watched Star Trek Voyager and fell asleep at about 11 pm

7 E in market

28  E in supermarket

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