Port Salou, Wednesday, 14th April 2010


Cloudy and chilly again, so abuelo decided to go shopping near Tarragona in a huge Carrefour hypermarket.  Stopped half way through for coffee and were able to top up on essentials such as olive oil, wine, bear, chorizo, Manchego cheese, etc.  Got back with plenty of time before lunch, which we shared again in abuelo’s hymer, as they have more room round dinner table than in our Elddis.

During siesta time I kept reading David Copperfield, which makes me laugh, and Pepo kept surfing the net and chatted with his mates on Facebook.  He then took Br. for walk and we watched another episode of Star Trek Voyager (we really are born travellers and explorers)

The abuelos came back for aperitif and Adonis cooked delicious Moroccan style pork and spicy couscous as our last supper in Salou.   It seemed a bit sad to think we were leaving the next day, but at least we dined in style with a bottle of Rioja Siglo and horchata for Pepo.  Washed up, read some more and went to bed.

About fatimasaysell

Travelling is my passion. Ever since I was a young girl I've been wanting to see the world. I studied languages to make this dream possible and I love meeting people from different cultures and countries. Having a motorhome since 2010 has made this possible and I hope I'll be able to retire travelling in one.

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