Neung-Sur-Beuvron, junction 3 off A71, Saturday, 17th April 2010


The following diary Entry was written by Peter Saysell

Generous pitch in beautiful Neun-sur-Beuvron municipal campsite

Today we left the aire and travelled into Montlucon.  We found Carrefour and did some shopping for today and tomorrow and then filled the van up with diesel. 

The Municipal site is excellent, in a wood and by the river. Perfect for Bramble, who ran about madly and went in the river for a swim.  On the way here we saw a Marsh Harrier.  We have a huge pitch and everything is quiet. Dog is tired at last.

We think we may stay another night, meaning we have to get to Montreuil on Monday. The Sat Nav says 4 hours 10 minutes, so it should not be too traumatic.  Tonight I’m cooking Milanesas.

This site is truly tremendous, with loads of space around us, immaculate toilets and showers and wifi to keep Pepo happy.  Bramble is loving it too, chasing his ball along and in the river, and there are lots of forest walks, a bit like the New Forest.  We are thinking about booking a few days here for the beginning of our summer holiday, but I’m guessing it won’t be as peaceful then.  The temperature is making it a very desirable place to stay for a few days, as it must be at least in the mid 20 C (70s F) and it’s already 5.45 pm.  I just don’t want to move from here, but we have booked an appointment with the vet in Montreuil for Tuesday, 9 o’clock, si time is running out.

I surprised myself with my French skills on the phone to make said appointment, so this trip is also helping me to brush up this beautiful language.  The chap in reception speaks a little English, so half English and half French we understood each other very well and had a laugh too.  Nice chap!

About fatimasaysell

Travelling is my passion. Ever since I was a young girl I've been wanting to see the world. I studied languages to make this dream possible and I love meeting people from different cultures and countries. Having a motorhome since 2010 has made this possible and I hope I'll be able to retire travelling in one.

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