Les Andelys, Saturday, 29th May 2010


Well, here we are again at camping L’Ile des Trois Rois at les Andelys.  We were so impressed last time that we thought we had to come back for a longer stay.

We set off from Bognor Regis at 4.00 pm yesterday, after Sports Day, and were very lucky with traffic on motorways all the way to Folkstone, despite all the warning on the radio.  We arrived by 6.30 pm and caught the train just after 7, an hour before schedule, so we arrived at Calais City Europe just before 9, local time, and spent a very quiet night in the car park amongst some other motorhomes.  I couldn’t believe how peaceful it was. 

We slept all night until woken up by noisy street sweeper at about 6 am, but managed to go back to sleep and finally got up at about 7.30.  We had frugal breakfast of fruit and coffee and went into Carrefour as soon as it opened at 8.30 am.  We spent about an hour in there, half the time looking for breadcrumbs, which we couldn’t find anywhere, and came out 160 euros lighter, but with loads of wonderful goodies, including some nice pastries for breakfast for the next couple of days.  We were a bit annoyed with till, which only accepted cards and no cash: how ridiculous is that?  It used to be all the way round not so long ago!  So we didn’t get to use all those euros we bought for the occasion, so bank account will get another deep dent in it again!  Still, I am sure it’ll be worth it.

Adonis drove all the way here without stopping and arrived just after 1.30 pm, set up and had lunch at about 2.00 pm, consisting of gorgeous (wildboar sausage), Saucisse Artisanale, creamy cheeses, mortadella, pate and the most beautifully scented and flavoursome strawberries.  That was followed by siesta till about 4.30 pm and cycle ride to river to test the waters for fishing.  Adonis then went back with fishing gear and I stayed back in van sewing up my crochet blanket.

After fishing session, Adonis proceeded to cook delicious Milanesas with salad, after having to make my own breadcrumbs with toasted bread: one has to use its own creativity when the system lets you down.

So just finished dinner and washing up and Adon has returned to the river and I’m going to carry on with my blanket and reading my ‘Petite Princesse’ book, lent to me by Rosemary at work.  How more French can one get?

Pepo seems to be doing all right back at home in England, although I got a bit worried when he phoned back saying the instructions on the Tagliatelli box didn’t say how much water it  needed to boil!  Hope he managed to cook it all right after my bit of guidance, but I couldn’t guarantee it!



About fatimasaysell

Travelling is my passion. Ever since I was a young girl I've been wanting to see the world. I studied languages to make this dream possible and I love meeting people from different cultures and countries. Having a motorhome since 2010 has made this possible and I hope I'll be able to retire travelling in one.

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