Dompierre, Wednesday 14th July 2010


Le Bac (ferry) at Dompierre (La Charente Maritime)

Here we are parked right on the bank of the Charante river by the ‘Bac’ or ferry that transports you to the other side for free!  It’s been a very wet and windy day, but the sun is shining now and Adonis’s just got his fishing licence for the Charante Maritime and is now enjoying some very well deserved peace and quiet.  It’s lovely that we can benefit from such beautiful places for free and I quite enjoy the wild camping experience.

Yesterday we had another short drive from Gennes to the lake at Clavé, northeast of Niort, but managed to get lost trying to find the D24 off Mazières-en-Gatine as we thought we could manage without the TomTom, but the exit wasn’t clear and we wandered for about 10 minutes before realising we didn’t have a clue where we were, but the Sat Nav found exactly where we were stranded and guided us in no time to D24 and Clavé.  We found a lovely spot which had been taken over by the 14th July celebrations and was being set up for a firework display, which later on would wake us all up about midnight!  Nevertheless we found another stopping place at the end of the road, by the launching pad, where we enjoyed the use of a picnic table and a swim in the lovely warm water of the lake.  We were later joined by a group of 8  young French men enjoying some acrobatics with their bikes, launching themselves from a portable ramp they brought with them, bikes and all, leaping up and somersaulting and looping the loop in mid-air before crashing into the lake to the amusement of all around and much laughter from their friends.

After all that excitement we enjoyed our dinner of Oriental flavoured prawns, vegetables and rice, watched the last episode of ‘Desperate Housewives’, read a book and went to bed jut after 10 pm, only to be woken up by La Bastide celebrations with noisy fireworks at midnight, followed by music, which included the Lambada, La Macarena, Morena and ‘Mi Jaca’, strangely enough.  I thought it quite surreal to be parked by a lake in the middle of nowhere  in France listening to old Spanish songs, which amused me greatly. 

So today we carried on south to Saints and we  are just half way between Saints and Cognac.  Despite the national holiday we managed to buy some bread and milk and a licence for Adonis to fish.  Adon will be cooking kebabs under the grill later so I can carry on reading my French book ‘Suite Franςaise’ by Irène Némirovsky, which I’m enjoying and not struggling too much with the language.

Camping wild at Dompierre (Charente Maritime)

We might stay here tomorrow before heading for Bordeaux to put Pepo on a train to Béziers.

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Travelling is my passion. Ever since I was a young girl I've been wanting to see the world. I studied languages to make this dream possible and I love meeting people from different cultures and countries. Having a motorhome since 2010 has made this possible and I hope I'll be able to retire travelling in one.

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