Les Deux Lacs, Beauville, Tuesday 20th July 2010


Entry by Adonis:

swimming lake at les 2 lacs campsite

Hot today.  Had durazno (peach) and croissant for breakfast.  Regulator stuck on gas bottle, so had to borrow campsite spanner: no problem.  Went for a swim, had lunch, Bramble had a swim.  Cycled to village at 4.00 pm for beer, etc, but everything closed.  Had beer on site: Que rico! (How nice!).  Checked internet, etc.

Really lovely here: don’t want to go.  Bramble is flat out most of the time.  Seems strange that this place isn’t booked solid, but it’s out of the way and that suits us fine!  Another day tomorrow and then we carry on towards Toulouse.

We were woken up by some loud voices far back into the campsite; don’t know what it was all about!  We were up by 9.00 am and Adon took Bramble for his morning walk while I had a shower and got things ready for breakfast.  As promised, the baker came down in her van sounding the claxon at 9.30 and I went to queue for baguette and, as Adon was struggling with the gas bottle, I also bought some croissants, as I couldn’t grill the ones in cupboard.

fishing lake at les 2 Lacs

Lazy morning reading and crochetting, followed by usual lunch of cheeses, saucisson, etc, then siesta, walk Bramble, swim in lake and beer at brasserie.  I tried to upload some pictures of the campsite onto Facebook, but couldn’t manage it.  I’ll try again when we are at abuelo’s in Portiragnes.

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Travelling is my passion. Ever since I was a young girl I've been wanting to see the world. I studied languages to make this dream possible and I love meeting people from different cultures and countries. Having a motorhome since 2010 has made this possible and I hope I'll be able to retire travelling in one.

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