Luanco, Tuesday 3rd August 2010



Luanco's beach


view of pier from free parkint spot

What a find of a spot!  We’re on top of a cliff in a free public carpark overlooking the beautiful bay, beach and beyond.  It’s been a very hot day and, as we arrived here at 12.30 pm, have been able to enjoy it all afternoon.  There was just one motorhome when we arrived, but it’s now full.  However, I’m sure most of these people will leave by 8 or 9 pm.

We got up just before 9 am, had breakfast and then Adon and I walked into town in Llanes to La Plaza de Abastecimientos, where we bought ingredients for paella.  We had a long wait at fishmongers, even though it had only just opened at 10 am and that was followed by quick visit to small shop for wine, breakfast cakes for Pepo and spices for paella.  We set off at 10.45 am, so it was a shortish and comfortable drive here. The sea is lovely after the initial shock and there’s ample space on the very hot sand.  I was surprised, however, to find toilets cost 40 cents a go!  Still, there are lots of showers and drinking water outlets for free, so can’t complain too much.

Parking spot on cliff top










excellent dog walk on cliff top

I think we’ve given up on following suggestions from internet info sheet and are following our noses and instincts  instead, which have proved far more successful.  So who knows where we’ll end up tomorrow?  We’re following the national/coastal roads west, all the way to La Coruña in north west Spain.

Luanco's harbour

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