Playa Tauran, Luarca, 4th August 2010


We’re at a charming campsite near the border between Asturias and Galicia.  After a quick visit to ‘El Arbol’ supermarket in Luanco – where I lost my new summer hat- we set off at about 10.30 this morning and had a quick stop at the quaint port of Cudillero, but it wasn’t really suitable for overnight staying, even though it was allowed, so we decided to push westwards to Luarca, which was the original plan anyway.

The charming port of Cudillero

We got here just before 1 pm and are camped under a pine tree, which provides some shade, so no awning needed.  It’s a bit overcast and cooler than yesterday, but it’s actually welcome.

we’ve just had lunch and I’ve managed to do my washing already and it’s now drying on the lines provided.  Adon and I tried to walk down to beach on very steep steps, but it was a rather long and windy path, so he’s now gone on his bike to try the other way.

Pepo’s happy because he’s finally charged his laptop and checked his e-mails and applications for his film cast and I’m charging the battery for digital camera.

We’re hoping to stay here for a couple of nights before arriving in La Coruña and visit my family and where we plan to stay for a week.  I expect we’ll all try the beach tomorrow if it’s sunny and if not, we’ll just relax.

the secluded beach of Playa Tauran

Playa Tauran

I am cooking spicy chicken with couscous tonight to compete with my lovely paella last night, but first we must walk Bramble, read, etc


Beautiful flora at Playa Tauran

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