Los Manzanos, Sta Cruz, 12th August 2010


Diary entry by Peter Saysell

Tonight is our last night in Los Manzanos.  It’s been very quiet and relaxing and we have been to the beach and in the sea.  Floppy has been into La Coruña a couple of times and Tito, etc came out to the campsite to have a drink.  The weather today has been a bit cloudy in the morning, but much better in the afternoon.  Everything is charged up and we are ready to go.  Tomorrow it’s off to Carrefour and a big shop and then we drop Pepo at the airport.  He’ll fly back and then we’ll leave for a ‘shortish’ drive to the coast.  We’re not really sure where we’ll be stopping, but I’ve put loads of water in just in case.

Los Manzanos was a good break and, despite lacking a decent dog walk, it was a success.  Tomorrow off we go again!  Only 16 nights left, though: BOO!  A rough prediction is 4 nights across.

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