Punta Lago campsite, Etang de Leon, Saturday 21st August 2010


Entry by Peter Saysell

Wild camping at Playa Antolin, Asturias

A hard day!  What should have taken 3-4 hours took 6!  We left Antolin at 8.15 am, no problem, and shot across Spain, but queues and jams at tolls meant getting into France took longer.  We arrived at the aire in 38 degrees of heat, but more jams and no space.  So we had a bit of lunch and went for a swim.  We then spent another hour trying to find a space to stop, but there were none.  

Still very hot, sweating away, we eventually had to go to a site, which is surprisingly reasonable – Punta Lago in Etang de Leon, southwest France (junction 11 or 12 off the  E70/E5).   We’ve got shade and a pool, it’s clean with a big space and your own water supply on your pitch: very good.  I think we might stay another night and then head to Cognac.  Very hot today!

We reckon on getting near Calais for Friday morning should be no problem if the clutch holds.  If it doesn’t, at least it’s easy to fix (I think).  Anyway, still a very very good holiday that we will remember for years to come.  Only a week left! 


Etang de Leon


Pitch at Punta Lago campsite

Playa Antolin

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