Dompierre-sur-Charente, Monday 23rd August 2010


Wild camping in Dompierre sur Charente.

Here we are again by the bank of the Charente river as we were on 14th July.  We left the campsite at Leon just after 9 am and made it here before 1 pm, so not a bad run altogether, with exception of some slow traffic at the exits near Bordeaux.

It’s nice and cool and much more pleasant than further down south.  We had lunch and a nap and just taken Bramble for a walk and Adonis’s had a swim, so he’s drying outside while I write.

We saw a copule of majestic storks while walking Bramble and Adon managed to take some pictures of them on the ground and in the air.



It should be a quiet night, just heating up some leftover chicken from last nights’s dinner and I’ll be making patatas bravas.  Off to somewhere north of Tours tomorrow, as we don’t seem to be able to come up with a suitable aire where to stop the night.

Swimming in the Charente river


Stork in flight

Storks on the ground



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