Neufchâtel-en-Bray, Wednesday, 25th August 2010


We arrived at Camping St Claire about 20 minutes ago after a long day on the A28.  We left  La RaderieCave at about 9 am

Hard standing pitch at Neufchâtel-en-Bray

and tried to stop at 1 pm for lunch at a campsite in Posses, northwest of Les Andelys on the River Seine off the D77, but it was closed for lunch until 2.30 and we didn’t feel like waiting that long.  So we tried another campsite further on and this one didn’t have facilities to empty the toilet or take water, so we set off again for Neufchâtel (exit 9 off the A28, northeast of Rouen) a bit disappointed.

We quite liked the name of the first campsite we tried, being called ‘Les Deux Amants’, but it wasn’t to be.  This one, on the other hand, has lovely pitches on hard standing, hot showers and all the other facilities you expect in a campsite and there is also a supermarket nearby.  I think we’ll do a big shop tomorrow, then get Bramble sorted at vet and move on to an aire or France Passion site for Thursday and Friday.

The other shock we had today was the price of the Auto-route from Le Mans to Rouen: a hefty 36.70 euros!!!  We must avoid this stretch of the motorway at all costs next time!

Pepo phoned and he’s back in the house with Robert.  He tried to trick me saying he was going to have a wild party on Saturday night and asked if we could arrive Sunday instead.  Tired as I was, I fell for it and he started laughing.  I thought I really needed a shower then to wake up!

Cooking some Merguez sausages with left over lamb from last night.  Time has really shot by: only 2 nights left. :((


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