Lac des Varennes, Tuesday 25th October 2011


Lac des Varennes in the sun

It’s raining!  It started yesterday evening, stopped after a couple of hours and it started again this morning at abut 11 until abut 15 minutes ago.

It’s 11.40 am and I’ve had a busy morning.  I cleaned the van after breakfast and hoovered dog’s hair, as Bramble is still moulting.  I put the hoover to charge while I walked into Marςon to buy some food for tonight.  I was going to cycle there, but I had a flat tyre, which turned out to be a tear by valve, which cannot be fixed, so I need new tyre.  

The walk to Marςon only takes about 10 minutes and it’s fairly pleasant along the canal.  I bought a fruit tartelette at the Boulangerie and then walked to the other side of the village for the boucherie.  I only wanted a couple of chicken breasts, but lady told me it was only a small chicken and it’d be better to take it whole, so I agreed and she cleaned if for me.  I also decided to buy 1/2 dozen eggs and, everything being free range, cost me a whooping 16.95 euros!!!  I would have never paid that in England, but was too embarrassed to say it was far too expensive, so I paid for this daylight robbery and promised myself not to buy anything else in there again.  I hate being ripped off.

I walked back to campsite looking forward to coffee and cake only to find out that hoover charging has tripped a fuse and now we have no electricity, so we’re running the fridge on gas for  now while Adonis is trying his best to fix it.  This has happened before in Germany and it eventually fixed itself, but it’s annoying and a worry.

I’ll be making a chicken casserole tonight, chicken curry tomorrow and bacon and eggs the next day to make the most of my expensive purchase.

It’s still raining at 11.55 am! NOT A GOOD DAY!!!  

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