Bouchemaine aire, Tuesday 1st November 2011


Shower block at Bouchemaine aire

Here we are again, at one of the best aires we’ve encountered so far in our travels, just south of Angers on the D106 (off the D323 west of Angers), just where the rivers Loire and Maine meet.  It’s been a glorious sunny day right from the start and we were able to have lunch outside again, even on 1st November.

It’s still bank holiday weekend, today being All Saints day, or Tous Saints, but this aire is relatively quiet compared to the last two we stayed in.  The best thing about this site is that it is right by the river, it has a free toilet/hot shower/washing up block and even more amazingly free electricity.  When we came last Easter, we paid 8 E a night, but it’s free from today, according to the big notice up on the shower block.

I just love walking up and down the path along the river, which is also very popular for dog walkers and cyclists, but there are also lots of areas to throw the ball for Bramble, which amuses everybody when he thunders down chasing it and jumping up for the catch.

river walk by Bouchemaine aire

Bouchemaine aire from river walk








We followed the TomTom today, and although mainly I agreed with the route, I did question the wisdom of sending us down across 2 windy and narrow country roads: it might have saved time, but it certainly wasn’t comfortable driving.

Adonis’s just brushed Bramble, as he’s still shedding lots of hair, and he’s just gone bananas, leaping all over the place.

I’m cooking lentils with chorizo and lardons tonight to use the chicken stock I made in Lac des Varennes.  The spaghetti Carbonara was delicious last night. Another triumph!

setting sun on the river Maine at Bouchemaine

It’s just so perfect here we might stay another day.

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