Lac des Varennes, Tuesday, 26th October 2010


relaxing fishing

We spent a very lazy day yesterday, just lounging around in campsite, Adonis fishing, me crochetting and reading Florence Nightingale book in French and Bramble chasing his ball and getting tangled up with fishing rods and line.

We were very pleased to discover that, despite campsite being nearly empty, the showers are very hot and clean and the bread from Reception is delicious and cheap.

Eating in the sunshine

We both had a siesta yesterday and today, which I hadn’t done in months!  It’s just so tranquil here and idyllic.  I’ve taken lots of pictures of site, especially the trees in their stunning autumn colours: I don’t tire of looking at them.

It was a beautiful sunny and warm day yesterday, but today started really frosty and had to put heating on for a little while, although I thought van was rather warm inside, considering the frost outside.

We had breakfast and drove to Le-Clerc for diesel, but were only allowed 28E worth due to the fuel blockade.  Still, we have 3/4 of a tank full and 10 more litres in canisters for emergencies.

After that we cycled into Marçon (only about 5 minutes) and had coffee in what appeared to be the only bar in town.  I took picture of typical church and war memorial monument and cycled back for more fishing and reading.  Adonis bought yesterday’s Telegraph and it was nice to catch up with the news.

I’ve spoken to Pepo twice so far: he seems well and happy in Robert’s company and appear to be coping well with cooking fresh pasta with pesto and putting pizza in oven.

We left travelling documents behind, so it was handy that he was at home to give us details of train back from Calais.

We may stay 2 more days here and then head back north to visit D Day Landinig Beaches, but I really want to visit one of the many chateaus in the area and buy some more of that lovely wine!

I’m cooking Milanesas tonight, which is Adonis’s territory normally: I hope not to disappoint.

A happy husband with carp!

Adonis’s just caught a 16-pound 3 oz carp!  At least he’ll be happy while he has his dinner!


Ball chasing time!

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