Lac des Varennes, Thursday, 28th October 2010


31 lb 6oz fish (32 kg)

Today is going to be our last day here.  We have certainly made the most of the peace and quiet of the site, as I think there’s only just one more family left in one of the mobile homes, and Adonis is more than happy with his fishing, as he caught a 31 pound 6oz carp yesterday morning, which he could hardly lift.  Bramble is wondering what all that is about and keeps sticking his nose everywhere.

frosty morning

After 2 frosty mornings, we had some very heavy rain last night, but the sun is making an effort to come out now.  I’m in the van with the heating on just for a little while, to get rid of the chill.  It’s a very efficient heater and doesn’t need to be on for very long, which is good for gas consumption.

Last night we had one of the best supermarket pizzas ever, with lovely crusty dough, stringy cheese, roast peppers, merquez sausage and chorizo and was really worth the 6.90 E that we paid for it.

Tonight I’ll be making spaghetti Bolognese for our last supper in this stunning site.  I’ll be sorry to leave it, but no doubt we’ll be back next year, perhaps for Easter.

site sign

view of site from opposite shore







I went for a cycle ride earlier on through the day-visitors’ park on the other side of the lake and it’s just as beautiful as this side, but much bigger, with lots of activities for both adults and children in the summer months, but it won’t be quite so peaceful then.

Tomorrow we plan to make an early start, top up with diesel and provisions at LeClerc and head off for Lude to visit the chateau there before heading slowly northwest for the D Day Landing beaches, which promises to be very interesting.

Must phone vet to make appointment for Bramble for Monday!


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