Arromanches, Friday, 29th October 2010


Ivy-covered building at Lude

So we made it here in a day.  Didn’t stop at Lude as Chateau was shut for the winter, which was very disappointing indeed.  Nevertheless, town looked very pretty and took pictures of ivy-covered buildings in the square and outside of chateau.  I’d love to go back in April, when it opens again, and have a proper look inside and around gardens.

Ivy-covered building at Lude

We had a coffee in a popular café opposite the car-park and then drove for a while until nearly 2 o’clock, when we stopped again at the Belle Branche woods near L’Etang de Curéci, off the D306 from La Flèche to Laval, where I would have loved to have the time for a walk and a explore.  A place to mark on the map for future reference, as I believe we could have stopped for the night.

Lude Chateau, closed from October to April

After lunch, we set off again and without further stops we got here for 6 pm.  We stopped at the aire near the beach and were lucky to get a parking space, as it’s full now (14 spaces in total).

Remains of Mulberry Harbour at Arromanches

We took Bramble for a walk on the beach and took pictures of remains of war-time Mulberry Harbour, which look quite eerie and scary now.  The museum opens at 9.30 am, so we’ll visit it tomorrow after breakfast.

Remains of Mulberry Harbour at Arromanches


After walk, we went for a meal in a bistro and I have to admit that I’ve just had the most disgusting main course in my entire life.  Adonis and I shared a lovely first course of Moules à la Normande, which we really enjoyed, but then I made the mistake of ordering the pork for a change (which I never ever do) and I soon regretted my choice.  Whilst Adonis was enjoying his beef, I had to content with some revolting slippery, rubbery, poor-excuse-for-a-meat dish, fatty slices of pork, which I couldn’t eat.  All for the privilege of 12 E.  I’ll remember NOT to order pork in France in future ever again!

Remains of Mulberry Harbour at Arromanches

All this was accompanied by the most unoriginal, boring music videos, so it’s not with great surprise that we didn’t stay there long.

We are now back in our cozy motorhome listening to the rain (far better sound than that awful music.  I am going to carry on with my book, forget about horrible meal and, hopefully, fall asleep.

A better day tomorrow.

Remains of Mulberry Harbour at Arromanches

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