Brogley, Saturday 9th April 2011


Superb Broglie aire

Another beautiful aire by river.  We are sitting outside in glorious sunshine and, according to thermometer, inside it is  27 °C!  Just been for walk with Bramble, who thoroughly enjoyed swim in the river.

So we are now on our 3-week Easter holidays and the start couldn’t be more promising, with the weather forecast predicting sunshine all through the week!

We left Bognor yesterday at 3.15 pm and took 7.20 pm train to Calais.  We did small shopping in Cite Europe and stayed the night there, as it was nearly 10 pm by the time we ha dinner.



We got up early this morning and were on our way by 8.15 am.  We witnessed a charming tractor rally going through Bourgtheroulde-Infreville, where we stopped for baguette, patisserie and croissants.  We had a short break for coffee at 12 and carried on to just south of Bernay, at Broglie, just by the Charentonne river (on the E402, about 50 km southwest of Rouen).

Tractor Rally


We took some pictures of charming water mill and Bramble swimming: it’ll be nice to see them on bigger screen.  Now Adonis has promised to walk me into town.  Great start to holidays.  Sausages and couscous tonight!

Beautiful water mill at Broglie






Off to Le Chateau-du-Loir by the Varenne tomorrow.      

Charming walk at Broglie




Bramble enjoying a swim on the Charentonne, Broglie


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