Lac des Varennes, Sunday 10th April 2011


Lac des Varennes

 Another perfect day.  We spent a very peaceful night in Broglie and were woken up by church bells at 7 am, but managed to go back to sleep and finally got up at around 8.20 am.  We had breakfast of croissants and coffee and left aire at around 9.30 am. 

It was a very easy and quiet drive all the way, even around Le Mans on the D438 and D338 to Château-du-Loir, with just a quick stop on the way for baguette and cake.  We made it to the campsite for 12.30 and set up fairly quickly, had lunch and a rest in the sun and took Bramble for a walk and swim in the river.  We also had a swim in the lake on the site and the water was just warm enough to be enjoyable.  It’s our second time here and we can tell it’s going to be a regular feature in our travels, for its sheer beauty and tranquility.



Afterwards I did a lot of reading while Adonis fished and finished ‘The Merchant’s Tale’ of ‘The Canterbury Tales’, which I am alternating with Dickens’ ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’.

Enjoying April's sun

We’ve just had dinner of delicious Toulouse sausages and rice.  Adonis’s gone fishing again and I am going to revise my German and read some more.  Hope Adonis catches something good to make his day!

Adonis in his element.

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