Lac des Varennes, Tuesday 12th April 2011


It’s just gone 9 am, Adonis is Fishing and Bramble is playing and running about with a female Labrador really enjoying himself, which is a good thing, as we were a bit worried that since yesterday morning he has kept his tail between his legs and is not wagging it at all!  We were thinking about taking him to the vet, but his behaviour is really normal, eating and sleeping well, chasing ball and swimming, but he seems a bit reluctant to sit down or lift his tail, but there is nothing obvious to see, not even a sting or a bite or any sores whatsoever.  Maybe he pulled a muscle, for he seems to be a very happy dog apart from non-wagging tail!!!

A peaceful dot walk at Lac des Varennes

The morning is nice and bright, but a bit chilly, only 10 °c according to thermometer, so I’ve put heating on and it’s already shot up to 19 °c in just 1/2 hour.

Sunday was beautiful and hot and even swam in lake, but yesterday was cooler and a bit breezy at times, but still pleasant to sit and eat outside.  We went to Le Clerc for a bit of shopping and the to Marçon to get fishing permits for Adonis and then spent the rest of the day relaxing in campsite.  I studied some German, started sewing up ‘puppy kit’ and read ‘Le Monde’ and another ‘Canterbury Tale’, this time ‘The Squire’s Tale’, but doesn’t seem to have been finished: pity, as I was really enjoying it and, after the ‘Knight’s Tale’ is probably my favourite so far.  

Enjoying a curry in the sun


So today I don’t intend to do much apart from walking Bramble, reading, sewing and starting the next unit on my german book.  I will also attempt to cook a curry.

It’s 9.35 am and Adonis’s caught his first fish of the holiday!!!

A happy fisherman

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