Lac des Varennes, 13th April


Team work needed to weigh big carp

This is our last day by the lake.  I’m cooking spaghetti Bolognese and listening to Radio Nostalgie on FM 91.9 (La Flèche).  I discovered it yesterday and I think it’s rather good: it sure takes you down memory lane!

It hasn’t been so warm today, but we still managed to have lunch outside in the sun.  Adonis caught a second, even bigger, carp last night, over 25 Kg and 3 more people joined us for the spectacle of seeing him pulling it out of the water.  It was quite a sight and I took lots of pictures.

Adonis Struggling to lift carp


I’ve read ‘The Franklin’s Tale’ today, which makes up for the unfinished ‘Squire’s Tale’.

Abba’s ‘Fernando’ is playing now: I’ve always loved that song.

I’ve also made progress with the puppy’s head and snapped eyes and nose into place.

Italian song now: ‘Sera porque te amo’.

The best news of the day is that Bramble’s tail seems to be back to normal and he’s been wagging and carrying it high up in the air, like a Labrador should do.  So, worry over for now, I hope.  I still think it must have been an insect sting and that’s why he was moaning Sunday night and the tail seemed so stiff.

A proud and happy fisherman

Not quite sure what to do now: revise my German, read Dickens or more sewing?

Tomorrow we are heading south west towards Dompierre, stopping to visit one of the Chateaux de Loire at Amboise, so that will be a detour southeast before going southwest!  Can’t wait. 

Back to the lake

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