Amboise, Thursday 14th April 2011


View of Château and river Loire from aire at Amboise

We are now at a very convenient and well maintained aire by the river Loire at Amboise, a very pretty and interesting medieval town; it sort of reminds me of Canterbury.  The aire costs just 8 E a night, which includes electricity: great value for money for a room with a FANTASTIC VIEW!

It’s 5.45 pm and I have just come back from a long walk through the town, including a steep climb to the view point by Château, where we took some panoramic pictures of lovely views of the town nestled amongst the trees of every imaginable colour.

Amboise Château




We set off this morning from Lac des Varennes with a quick stop at Le Clerc in Château-du-Loir.  Then we followed the D938 and D5 at Beaumont-La-Ronce, all the way to Amboise, where we arrived at about 12.30pm.  We had lunch and then I walked Bramble along river and through public park just by aire.  It’s all superb and tomorrow we are planning to visit the Château.

Amboise town form viewpoint




Amboise from river walk







Amboise bridge on the river Loire





Amboise aire

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