Sanguinet, Friday 22nd April 2011


Sanguinet exquisite aire

We are now right in the National Park of Landes de Gascogne, in a small aire by the Lac de Cazaux et de Sanguinet.  We are parked under some trees and it’s very quiet and peaceful.

As we feared, the campsite at Leon got a bit too busy and noisy, with the two families camped right behind us having a bit of a party until nearly midnight.  The pool was also crowded in the afternoon and we felt the lovely tranquil atmosphere was lost and didn’t feel like staying any longer.  Still, we enjoyed 5 days of peace and quiet and can’t complain.

So we packed after breakfast and left soon after 10.30 am, with a quick stop at Carrefour in Léon, and then followed the A652 to Mimizan (nice to see it in the sun, as last time we were there 9 years ago it rained for 6 days solid), then the D626 to Pontenx-les-Forges and finally the D46 here, just over 30 km northwest of Mimizan Plage.

Welcome shade at aire of Sanguinet

A walkway between the lakes










It’s now 5.50 pm and has just started to rain: the first proper rain we’ve seen since we left England.  Adonis’s been injured on his leg by Bramble launching forward and catching him between his chair and the chain Bramble was attached to.  To be honest, Adonis looks like he’s been in the jungle, with lots of scratches, spots and now a wound for good measure, on both legs!

Chalets at Sanguinet lake beach

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