Bouchemaine, Easter Sunday, 24th April 2011


Aire of the Year!  By the rivers Loire and Maine.

Bouchemaine aire

What a wild-goose chase of a day it’s been!  It all started really well with an early start by the river: breakfast, dog walk and ready to leave by 9;15 am.  We stopped for bread and then again for cakes, as the first boulangerie was a bit empty in the cake department, not even croissants for breakfast!

The original idea of stopping at a France Passion site at Blasley ( just off the D347, 15 km northwest of Poitiers) had to be cancelled as no-one seemed to be there and we didn’t like the parking place next to a huge heap of manure.  We thought we’d try an aire at Mirebeau, just 5 km north of Blasley, which was very well sign-posted at several places, but when we got there, it seemed to belong to a private property, with a gate locked with a chain!  It was lunchtime by then, so we decided to try our luck going all the way to south of Angers and enjoy the facilities of the aire of the year, which is lovely and full up.  We were lucky to find a parking lot on the grass, although you are not supposed to, but other people have, so we’ve done the same (when in Rome…).

Charming walk along the river

We got here for 3.30 and took Bramble for long walk along the river, where the Maine and the Loire meet.  The facilities here are great, with showers, basins, wash cubicles and sinks for the washing-up.  We wonder if it might have been an old municipal campsite.

I must also mention the very pretty aire we stopped at for coffee at Vivonne, right by the canal and about 15 km south of Poitiers, on the N10, where we emptied chemical toilet and also had public toilets.

We are thinking of spending a couple of nights here, if we can, as we still have 5 days to make it to Montreuil-sur-Mer to take Bramble to the vet before returning to England.

I also want to mention the delicious ‘

Nid de Pâques Easter cake

‘ cake we shared with our coffee this morning: just as the one I bought for Pepo last year!  Amazing how quickly it’s gone!  




Tranquil waters, where the rivers Loire and Maine meet.

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