Villandry Chateau, Tuesday 26th April 2011


Villandry's exquisite gardens

A beautiful day today visiting Villandry’s Chateau’s gardens, probably the most stunning and exquisite gardens I have ever seen.  We went there after lunch and left by 3 pm, a good thing too, as there was a bit of a queue to get in by then, whereas, when we went in just before 2, there was nobody else.

We are now at the Pincemaille Lac, just outisde Rillé, about 25 km southwest of Chateau du Loir.  It’s just charming and quiet and a perfect place to stop the night.

Villandry's chateau and gardens


We stayed at Bouchemaine for 2 nights and enjoyed a swim in the river Loire, as well as a cycle ride along its banks and a beer in the quiet square by old port.  It was a bit of a luxury to have an aire with hot showers and washing facilities and it was well worth 8 Euros per night.

So we left this morning at about 9.15 am and headed for supermarket.  After a fruitless search for a Super U at Ste Gemmes, just south of Angers, we ended up in Les Mosquetoirs a bit further on, managing to get lost at Trélazé on D4 due to bad sign posting and coming off road at wrong exit.  We eventually found our way back on the D347 and arrived at Villandry just after 12 noon.  We parked in the aire by Tourist Information Office opposite the chateau, but decided to look for a place in the wild rather than a car park.

Louis XIV style mirror pond




I loved that star!







We are relying on the TomTom tomorrow to avoid getting lost and any subsequent arguments and will be heading for Broglie again: it should take 3 and 3/4 hours.  We are really on our way back now!


the vegetable garden at Villandry

Camping in the wild at Pincemaille Lac, Rillé

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