Wissant, Saturday 30th April 2011



Our last day of the holiday at what seems to be a new aire between Cap Gris-Nez and Cap Blanc-Nez, just 20 minutes south of Calais.  It’s spacious and very busy; there were only a few vans when we arrived here at 1 pm, but it’s pretty full now, perhaps as many as 30 vans.  It’s very windy, as always in this area, but it makes a change from Carrefour car park.  

We’ve just  been for a walk through the village and onto the sea front and were surprised to see so many wind and kite surfers, but I suppose it makes sense with all that wind.  At least it’s sunny, without a cloud in the sky and no sign of a storm yet.

We left Montreuil-sur-Mer just after 10 am and headed for Boulogne, where we did our shopping and filled up with diesel.  We left at around noon and followed the A16 north all the way here.  We bought a nice quiche for tonight, so cooking and washing up should be easy for our last night.

I’ve just uploaded the last few pictures since we left Broglie onto laptop, mainly of surfers on the beach, and will now finish reading the excellent ‘Old Curiosity Shop’.

Surfers and kite surfers at Wissant

Wissant village










Until next time: hopefully end of May!


Wissant motorhome aire

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