Les Andelys, Monday 30th May 2011


Chateau Gaillard seen from campsite

So here we are again in gorgeous and perfect Les Andelys, at the île des Trois Roys campsite.  I’ve just been enjoying the use of the latest addition to the site a FREE outdoor gym: absolutely brilliant and great fun!  It also comes with a magnificent view of Chateau Gaillard on the hill top.

Trying out the new gym at the campsite

We got here on Saturday lunchtime after spending the night at Wissant aire.  We were schedules on the 6.50 pm crossing, but we somehow jumped the queue and set off half an hour before allocated time!

Trying out the new gym at the campsite

Wissant was slightly less windy than last time, but I still wouldn’t like to spend too long there, beautiful as it is, unless I was surfing, of course. It’s been very tranquil here since we arrived, with just a couple of outings into town to get bread and groceries.  It was Mother’s day here yesterday and I was given a red rose at the Carrefour supermarket: What a beautiful gesture!  Only in France! We have also got internet access, so Adonis has been checking the weather forecast, which seems set to be sunny and warm.  It’s been trying to rain for about an hour now, but only a few drops have actually materialised.   Adonis’s been fishing most of the time and I’ve been reading my ‘Marie France’ magazine and revising my German, so I can get both languages flowing, hopefully.

Adonis' fishing swim at campsite

We plan to stay here till Friday morning, when we have to take Bramble to vet yet again!

working out at campsite

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    • Hello, Sayvan:

      I am married to Peter T. Saysell, whose family originally come from Newport, Wales, GB. It looks like the ‘Saysell’ name originates in France. There are not many Saysells in this world, so we might be related. Wouldn’t that be great? We have a family tree book that one of my husband’s uncles has compiled. I’ll look to see if anyone emigrated to Canada: it sounds really interesting.
      I’ve just had a look at your travel log ‘This and that …” and your adventure in Mexico. We certainly share our love for travelling. Peter’s parents are currently living in France, his sister in Brazil, my family are in Spain and we two and our son, Peter Joseph, are in the south of England!
      Please keep it touch: I’ve subscribed to your log: it looks fascinating and the pictures are a real treat.
      Merry Christmas

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