île des Trois Rois, Les Andelys, Wednesday 1st June 2011


Monet's Garden and house

We had a lovely morning visiting Monet’s house and gardens at Giverny.  We got there before 10.30 am, but there was already a small queue, like 10 people before us.  It was quite an experience to see his painting hanging on the walls as he had them while he still lived there:  I didn’t expect so many and they were all beautiful, full of life and poetry.  I didn’t expect quite so many people either, with coach loads from schools, American and Japanese tourists, etc.  By the time we left at midday, it was positively heaving with visitors and more coaches were arriving.  I felt we were leaving at the right time.




The gardens are gorgeous, of course, very much like an English country garden, but much much bigger, and the famous bridge over the water lily pond with barge is just spectacular, surrounded by tall bamboo and all kinds of wild flowers: a real treat for the eye.      I was particularly taken and impressed by the blue Canterbury Bells, which I’d never seen before and I’ve promised myself I must get some to plant next spring.

Water lily pond

We took lots of pictures, although we had to wait a bit to get a good spot on the bridge without getting lots of other people in it!  I am glad we went at this time of year when there are so many different varieties of flowers adding to the colour palette of the garden.

Posing on famous water lily pond and bridge










It’s been a hot day, but the wind has lifted again this evening.  I made bacon with saute potatoes and French omelette for dinner and it almost turned out to be another day of disaster in the kitchen.  First I dropped an egg, which broke and spilled its contents almost under the fridge, making almost impossible to pick up and clean.  Then I burned my hand on handle of saucepan, at it was above grill, which shoot flames and heat upwards.  After that, I dropped small frying pan just before I cracked my egg for my omelette and, finally, I slipped on step outside van when I was serving and taking things out.  Why do all these things happen all at once?  It’s like a butterfly effect or a domino rally: one things falls after another.  Luckily food was well cooked and delicious and I didn’t get hurt.

Water lily pond

Adonis (Peter) at Monet's Garden



We are going to spend another day here and then head off for Montreuil-sur-Mer again for ritual visit to vet before returning to England.  We might try and stop the night at Le Touquet-Paris-Plage for a change and do shopping at Boulogne: we’ll see.







Water lily pond

Poppy field in Giverny

Beautiful Canterbury bells

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