Condette Woods, Friday 3rd June 2011


Camping wild at Condette Woods

We are somewhere between Hardelot-Plage and Le Portel (Boulogne-sur-Mer).

It was very hot yesterday, spent totally in campsite, sunbathing, reading and swimming in pool, and finished with a lovely couscous meal in the town’s couscousserie.  Thus we finished our stay in Les Andelys and felt very sorry to leave again.

So we set off this morning just after 9 am and headed for Montreuil-sur-Mer to take Bramble to vet again before returning home.  The appointment was for 2 pm, but when we got there we found 3 other people waiting with their pets and were not seen till about 2.30.  After buying orange juice and tobacco for Adonis, we were on our way again just before 3pm headed for Le Touquet-Plage, but it was absolutely chock-a-block with caravans, some even parked outside aire near the exit road, really packed like sardines, so we decided to try St Cécile Plage by Camiers and some dunes nearby, but it was all banned to motorhomes, so we started heading north towards Le Portel, where there’s supposed to be another aire, but we found this parking space in the woods and decided to stop for a walk for Bramble.  We should be alright here tonight too, as there are no signs saying otherwise.

Condette Woods

Condette Woods

Tomorrow will be just a short drive to Boulogne hypermarket and then Wissant’s aire, so we may spend one day on the beach yet, wind permitting.





Jus drinking bottle of cider (Cidre Bouché fermier Le Pressoir d’Or, Silver Medal 2009) given to us as a gift by the management at L’ÎLe des Trois Rois campsite: lovely and sweet after a hot and tiring day. THANK YOU.  Thinking of you now!

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