Amboise aire, 1st January 2012


Dainty dishes at Le Lion d'Or, Amboise

Today is New Year’s Day!  We limped home last night after a very good meal.  We thought we had a choice for each course that appeared on the menu, but they actually served us everything on it, but in small portions, sometimes served in dainty miniature china terrines, almost like a child’s play set.  We especially enjoyed the mid-dinner freshener kilner jar helping of forest fruits in rosé wine sorbet: delicious and wonderful to clean the palate.  Definitely something we had never come across before. A lovely evening and some very nice wine, especially the half bottle of Chinon Rouge.  

Delicate and delicious desserts


After we finished, we crawled across the bridge, with Adonis limping because of his knee, and got back to the van at about 11.40 pm.  We hang around for 20 minutes to see the New Year in.  There was a firework somewhere and that was it!  It was a very quiet end of year night.  We slept very well, except that I had a bit of a headache and had to take some aspirin at 3 am (I blame the champagne).


Limping back to motorhome!

We got up later than usual at 9.30 am and Adonis took Bramble for a long walk in the Ile d’Or, as his knee was feeling much better.  I went off to find some bread and a ‘Religeuse’ (a coffee cake similar to a profiterole) and then we just lazed around. 


It’s warm, but cloudy and tomorrow we’ll fill up with water, go to Auchan in Tours and then head towards Saumur, where we’ll stop for the night, hopefully at Concourson-sur-Layon’s aire.  We think we’ll then make a dash for the coast, maybe we’ll even see the sun! 

New Year's Day walk in Ile d'Or


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