Wissant Aire, Saturday 4th June 2011


Our last day of this May half-term holiday.  We made an early start again and tried to find the aire at Le Portel on the coast, but signposting wasn’t very good – in true French fashion – and gave up after crossing town from one end to the other.  As we were just on the south end of Boulogne-sur-Mer (junction 31), we decided to head for the A16 and straight for the shopping centre at St Martin, but in doing so we found an unexpected aire towards the north side of the town, just by Terlincthun, so we stopped there to empty toilet and have a quick look around.  It seemed quite spacious and pleasant enough, with facilities to top up fresh water as well as emptying grey and black water.

After doing shopping at Auchan in Boulogne, we made our way here and arrived by 11.45 am, with a few spaces still available that quickly filled up:  all gone within two hours at most!

I must note that I had to throw away my new flip-flops after stepping on some ‘poo’ somewhere while walking Bramble, as I couldn’t bring myself to washing them in the van.  I also lost Bramble’s ball, which went in the wrong direction and ended up in the brambles and stingy nettles.  Poor Bramble tried to retrieve it, being in his nature and breed, but even him couldn’t get to it!

A very busy aire at Wissant

The beach was heaving with people, the tide was right in and there wasn’t much room to throw the ball there, that’s why we ended in the field across the road.

Some idiot has actually dared to empty their toilet on the grey water facilities and it turned my stomach to see it when I emptied my washing up bowl.  It just goes to show again that some people are not qualified or meant for this kind of travelling.

The crossing is at 10.50 am, so another early start to finish the holiday.  We’ll be back on the 7th July.  Just over 4 weeks to go!

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