Marbué, Sunday 10th July 2011



In France again!  Left work early on Friday, just after 11 am, and got back home with plenty of time to put finishing touches and load last minute food/toiletry items in van and we were off by 1.30pm.  They let us board an early train (16.45) and arrived in Calais at 18.15, local time.  There was plenty of room at Wissant aire and spent a quiet night there after walking Bramble and eating pizza (this time I remembered to take if off plastic base!

Marbué aire

On Saturday morning we headed for Boulogne to do our weekly shopping and finally made it to Broglie aire by 2.30 pm without any incidents.  I cooked some mussels à la Marinière, followed by baked bream with new potatoes and, despite oven keeping blowing out, it turned out quite crispy on the outside and nicely cooked on the inside!

Adonis also managed to get our new ‘Multimo’ satellite dish going, which we bought as a wedding anniversary present (5th July), so we enjoyed channel 4 News last night.

Marbué aire

We’ve also been experimenting with coffee bags instead of cafetière, which broke before departure, and, after not getting it quite right the first couple of times, I’ve just produced a lovely cup to rival anything from a cafetière.  The reason behind it is to save water needed to rinse coffee jug and plunger, which has been a problem when water is in short supply.

Marbué aire

It was an early drive this morning from Broglie to Marbué, especially after I spotted TomTom was trying to take us through small country lanes (white D roads on our Atlas) instead of the more comfortable and wider yellow and red roads (Regional and National  roads).  I was very pleased with myself for having a better brain than the computer and getting here without any major traumas at precisely 12 noon.

We’ve had lunch, siesta, walk, coffee and apple tart and Adonis is just setting off for the river Loir for a spot of fishing before dinner.  I am going to revise my German, which I haven’t really done since Monday, and then start on my famous chili con carne.



Marbué aire

Marbué aire

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