La Capelle-Viescamp, Thursday 14th July 2011


St Etienne-Cantales lake

We followed a very interesting road to get here this morning, going up and down hills on the D1120 from Tulle to Aurillac to end up at this charming campsite by the St Etienne-Cantales lake, called La Presqu’Ile du Puech des Ouilhes.  We got here at around 11.30 am, but had to fiddle a bit on the first pitch of our choice, as we couldn’t turn round to desired position because we got stuck on soggy ground.

St Etienne-Cantales lake

We’ve had a very relaxing day, mainly in the sun and enjoying a swim in the lake and the campsite’s swimming pool, and Adonis managed to do some fishing too.

We didn’t stay at campsite at Seilhac as it was too far from the lake to do any fishing, so after spending one day and filling up with water, emptying grey water and toilet and enjoying hot showers, we left this morning at the late hour of 9.50 am.

We are hoping to stay at this campsite by lake for 3 days before making our way southeast to Portiragnes, with one more stop along the way.

Cooling down at St Etienne-Cantales lake

A spot of fishing at St Etienne-Cantales lake










We haven’t been very successful with satellite dish so far, maybe due to too many trees in the way, so last night I watched a weird film by David Lynch called Mulholland Drive, which was thrilling enough, but confusing towards the end.

St Etienne-Cantales lake

Not sure whether to watch another tonight or just carry on reading book, which is also very entertaining.

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