Portiragnes, Wednesday, 23rd July 2011


Parked under the pine trees at in-laws' house

We’ve been here since Sunday lunchtime and time has just flown by.

We left the campsite at La Capelle-Viescamp just after 10.30 am hoping to find a nice camping spot at Lake Salagou near Clermont-L’Hérault, but the parking area was too steep and rocky and not quite suitable, so we decided to try Montagnac instead.  That’s where the trouble started, as the motorway junction was shut due to le Tour de France and had to make a detour via Castelnau-de-Guets, only to find that this road was shut too for the same reason and after 2 hours of failing to find a suitable overnight stay, we decided to head for Portiragnes, on the southeast coast, and Adonis’ parents’ house one day earlier than expected.  And here we are parked under the pine trees in this beautiful garden.


It’s been lovely here, just chilling by the pool all day, except for Bramble having a bit of an accident with some wire on his private parts, which was bleeding quite profusely at one point.  So we took him to the vet just after 6 last night, but had a long wait to be seen (at 7.10 pm eventually).  We left 10 minutes later with some antibiotics, some cream and €55 worse off.


And then the girls!

Cooling down at the pool: first the boys...











Yesterday was a very windy day, and an even windier night, which kept me up for a while, but it’s lovely and sunny today and we are thinking of going for a bike ride to the beach later on.  It’s nice to be close to the sea, for a change.

Lake Salagou

Lake Salagou











Lake Salagou

Parking at Lake Salagou



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