Treffort, Plage Salette, Tuesday 26th July 2011


Hautes Alpes


Well, what a magnificent place!  We’ve just had a swim with a view of the Alps at this truly stunning lake Monteynard.  In fact, ever since we left Orange this morning, it’s been amazing views and landscapes of the Drome, Hautes Alpes and Iseres regions and I couldn’t stop taking pictures.

Stopping for coffe at the Hautes Alpes,






We made an early start from Château Maucoil on the D907, D976 and D576 to Nyons (must stop there next time, as there is an aire and the town looked very pretty from the road), then we followed the D94 to Serres and stopped at Aubres for baguette, cake and apricots, then the D994 from Rosans and the D1075/E712 to Clelles, passing some very high mountains, like Durbonas (2086 metres) and Col de la Croix Haute (1754 m.).  We carried on in the Grenoble direction until Monestier de Clemont, where we started the descent to Treffort and the lake.


Treffort, Plage Salette




We might stay here two nights if the weather holds, as today was a long drive and we’ve got plenty of food and drink.





Adonis stopped at St Cecile-les-Vignes to buy some Côte-du-Rhone table wine, as the bottles from Château Maucoil were a special treat for his birthday and must save them for more deserving occasions.

Treffort, Plage Salette

Hautes Alpes










Hautes Alpes

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