Deluz, Thursday 28th July 2011


We are parked just 15 km east of Besançon, off the D683, 2 km west of Deluz, a charming little village with a quaint church with a lovely tiled bell tower.  It is just a simple car park by the lock and a peaceful picnic area and the path between the villages seems popular with walkers, cyclists and riders.

Aire at Deluz


We left Pont d’Ain early and were at Super U for 9 o’clock, where we stocked up with some provisions to last us for a couple of days.  We’ll be eating burgers and chips tonight and quiche Lorraine tomorrow.  We got on the A42 to juncition 7, where we took the N83 to Poligny to empty grey water and toilet at an aire.  There was a slight deviation and then we carried on to Besançon, where there was yet another deviation, just south of the town, but finally





Deluz village


we continued with any further problems, apart from busy by-pass with too many traffic lights that made progress slow and frustrating.

Nevertheless, we got here for 12.30 pm, had lunch, quick siesta and then I took Bramble for a long walk into Deluz, where I managed to twist my foot and had to sit down for pain to go away.  We were gone for 1.30 hours and when we got back to van, I twisted my ankle yet again and had to lie down on the grass until pain abated.  I have now a swollen left ankle and I know it will be painful tonight from previous experience (my all-time weakness since I sprained it when I fell down flight of stairs just before my 18th birthday).  ‘Mein Fuβ tut mir weh!




Deluz parking and picnic area


Tomorrow we’ll be heading for a France Passion site just south of Colmar and should be our last night in France for a

Deluz lock by parking area


Deluz church

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