Titisee, Saturday, 30th July 2011


Restaurant sign at Titisee



Our first full day here has been very pleasant, with no rain, apart from some fine drizzle first thing this morning, and quite warm.

Bramble was sick right before breakfast and after cleaning mess on the carpet/runner on the motorhome floor, we started our day proper.

I did our washing and hang it all up and then we cycled into the town of Titisee for some sightseeing and bought some Black Forest sausages, ham and bread: all beautiful, which we’ve just had for dinner.






I took some pictures of beautiful buildings with lots of flowering plants and hanging baskets and the typical barometer with the young man and lady, which was the façade for a clock/watch shop.  Everything is so clean and well looked after: a credit to the local people.

Titisee town

The Romantic Hotel at Titisee











I managed quite well with my beginners German and did my best to order in that language, although I think I pronounced Schwartzwald wrong and the friendly shop assistant was kind enough to correct me.  Still, it was my first ever try in this language in the country itself and mustn’t be too demanding at this stage: it’s trying that matters and you learn from making mistakes, as you don’t tend to forget these.

The clock shop at Titisee

We’re going back tomorrow and I’ll try to buy some souvernirs as well as Brot.  We might even eat out!


Spotless Titisee

As we were eating tonight, we were serenaded by a man playing an old fashioned organ.  He was being followed by children and when I went to give him some money, he called me back and made a heart-shaped flower with long balloons for me.  I’m glad Adonis took a picture of this, as it was an unexpected surprise.

Children's entertainer at Lake Titisee campsite

My balloon flower!












I look forward to tomorrow.

Lake Titisee and the Black Forest in the background

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    • Yes, it’s incredible what you find when you start looking around. We look at the map and try choose places that might be interesting and then we check on the travel or motorhome guide. We haven’t seen much we don’t like yet and there’s still so much to see. Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog, Jocelyne. I really appreciate the time you take.

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