Wangen, Wednesday 3rd August 2011





We are at the Stellplatz (motorhome aire) of this charming medieval town of Wangen.  I’ve never seen so many interesting and beautiful buildings so close together in such a small place.  We went for a walk in the town before lunch today and were very pleasantly surprised to find the market in full swing, packed with sellers and customers in a very happy atmosphere.  Shame I’d gone to the supermarket in Friedichshafen before we left early this morning, otherwise I’d have bought some of the local products on offer.






Timbered building in Wangen


Timbered building in Wangen












The warden at the Stellplatz gave Adonis a map and guide of the town this evening and we’ve enjoyed reading about this remarkable little town, with his multiple fountains, churches and colourful buildings and streets.  We’ll try to have another look before we leave tomorrow and find all the fountains in the guide which we didn’t see this morning.

The Shepherd, one of the many fountains in Wangen




We’ve just come back from a delicious meal in one of the guesthouses in town.  I had the spicy venison with salad and local bread and Adonis had a beef steak with chips!  It was a delightful little tavern with just one waitress serving and we did our best with our German, which is getting more confident by the day.


The Market in Wangen



We might be going further up north tomorrow, hopefully to Bad Buchau.  I wonder what surprises it will bring…









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    • Yes, they are. Wait till you see the ones in Bacharach, which I will blog about in a few days’ time! The fountains were amazing too. I intend to do a blog on just those in a moment.

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