The Figure Fountains of Wangen, Thursday 4th August 2011


I just wanted to dedicate a blog to these beautiful fountains, as they are a big part of the town and they feature in the tourist information leaflet we were given at the Stellplatz.  The information given here is copied from the leaflet itself. I hope you enjoy them.

The Repressed Allgauers

The Repressed Allgauers


This fountain spits at you when you are not expecting it, which makes all passers-by laugh!

Created by Joseph Michael Neustifter from Eggenfelden









The Seeker after Truth



The aim of this fountain is to encourage all passers-by and library users to keep extending their knowledge and so come closer to the truth.

Fountain created by Frau Gisela Steimle of Bad Urach-Sirchingen.








The Donkey Fountain


This Fountain is based on one of Aesop’s fables in which a peasant and his son take turns riding the donkey and are criticized by other people.  It was created by Bonifatius Stirnberg of Aachen.


The Donkey Fountain













The Bath-house or Head-Washing fountain



This fountain is by Frau Gisela Steimle of Bad Urach-Sirchingen.  It is located in front of the former bath-house building.  It depicts the light-hearted scuffle between a woman and her husband as she resolutely sets about washing his head despite his objections.

The Bath-house or Head-Washing Fountain











The Duck Fountain


Cast Iron Fountain













St. Anthony's Fountain



This fountain is named after the Patron Saint of domestic animals and is situated on the Saumarkt where,, for hundreds of years the weekly pig market was held.

Created by Werner Gurtner and his wife Elsa.


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