Bad Buchau, Thursday 4th August 2011


Federsee Nature Reserve



Today’s been a perfect day!  After breakfast and Bramble’s walk, we tried to fill up the water tank at Stellplatz, but the station had a funny tap for our watering can to fit in and we had to use the 1.5 litre water bottle and, as we only had 3 minutes to fill up, we only managed about 10 litres.





After that, we walked into Wangen to buy some tobacco for Adonis and to do the tour of the celebrated fountains (see

The Boardwalk over Federsee Nature Reserve

yesterday’s blog ‘The Figure Fountains of Wangen”) and Ithink we managed all but two, although I think we saw them yesterday when we first walked through the town.  I took pictures of them to have them as a separate album on our laptop.

We returned to the van and followed TomTom’s directions to Bad Buchau stellplatz, which is absolutely marvalleous, right by the entrance to a most stunning Nature Reserve with a boardwalk to Federsee Lake.

The Boardwalk over Federsee Nature Reserve








We arrived early, so had time for a beer before lunch and to phone my sister Mari Carmen to wish her a happy birthday.  It’s also my nephew Guillermo’s birthday today, but I didn’t have his mobile and had to send a message to my sister Nieves instead, who only lives above his flat.  I hope he got my birthday greetings.



After lunch, I walked to the Tourist Information Office to get ticket for overnight stay and got to practice my German again with the assistant, although she spoke perfect Spanish and was keen to use it!  Still, she told me I spoke good German, but I think she was just being kind and polite and perhaps wanted to encourage me to carry on learning, which I intend to to.

Bird watching at Federsee Nature Reserve

We managed to fill up the water tank at adjacent aire, so after coffee, we both had a very welcome hot shower and went for a walk to the Federsee Lake, entry to which was complimentary with the overnight stay fee.

Bird watching at Federsee Nature Reserve


It really is an amazing spot and we managed to see 3 birds we’d never seen before: a Marshland Harrier, a Blue Throat and a Sirl Bunting, which made us both very happy.  Needless to say I went a bit mad taking pictures to create yet another album…

Bird watching at Federsee Nature Reserve






I cooked some gorgeous sausages I bought on Tuesday at Idesa and served them with chips and fried eggs.


We had an hour long panic thinking we’d lost our new stellplatz sites map, but it’s just turned out under my bag!  What a relief!

Federsee Nature Reserve



A new place tomorrow.








The weather is hot and stormy!

Brewing up a storm at Federsee

The setting sun at Federsee










The end of the boardwalk at Federsee














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