Sperrfechter Freizeitpark, Oedheim, Friday 5th August 2011


Sperrfechter Freizeitpark


Another magnificent campsite, just north of Stuttgart on the Hirschfeldsee Lake.  It’s very hot and we’ve got a very large pitch for the motorhome.  I’ve just been swimming in the lake and Adon is fishing at the moment.  







Pepo’s just sent me a text saying it’s hot in England too and he was thinking about going swimming in the lake behind our house, although I think that might be out of bounds due to the new housing development.

Sunset at Sperrfechter Freizeitpark


We left the aire at Bad Buchau at around 8.45 this morning and stopped briefly at the Stellplatz round the corner to

Sperrfechter Freizeitpark

empty the toilet and grey water.  We then went to Aldi for some quick shopping and to stock up with beer and wine and then followed the motorway A8 and A83 past Stuttgart, with very heavy traffic, and Heilbronn and got here just before 1 o’clock, but the office was closed and had to come back at 3, so we had lunch in the big car park, a quick siesta and returned at said time.

I took Bramble for a walk round fishing lake (20 minutes) and Adonis set up camp, so it’s nice to sit down for a bit and do nothing at all but read and write in the sun.





Sperrfechter Freizeitpark



We bought some burgers for tonight, so I won’t need to spend too long cooking.

We’ve booked for 3 days, but if it stays this hot and sunny, I’d like to stay longer.  Time for a beer!






Sperrfechter Freizeitpark

Sperrfechter Freizeitpark










Sperrfechter Freizeitpark, Oedheim


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