Bacharach, Thursday 11th August 2011


The Rhine


It’s been an easy drive following the road north along the Rhine, so we arrived here for mid-morning coffee and cake and are parked on the Stellplatz facility right by the river: an excellent position.








Bacharach is the most beautiful little town I have ever seen with loads of timbered houses of different colours and styles, the likes of which I have never seen before.  It is just like a fairy tale, very well looked after and pristine clean.  There are surprisingly few tourists here, but there’s about 20 vans on the aire, which cost €7 a night, as we didn’t bother with electric hook-up.  Still a bargain when you consider the position we are in and there is a campsite just a few meters down the road.

Bacharach's timbered houses

It is nice to watch the pleasure boats going up and down the river and it reminds me a bit of the river Seine, but it’s bigger.  I suspect this is one of the best spots to stay on the Rhine and I am glad we found it.  Tomorrow we’ll move on to our first stop on the Mosel river.

Bacharach's fairy-tale-like houses

The Youth Hostel at Bacharach













I’ve been souvenir hunting, but came back empty-handed as they were either too tacky or too expensive, but I went round the ruined priory and followed the walk up the steep hill to the amazing Youth Hostel, with marvellous views of Bacharach from above, as well as the river.  Shame I didn’t take camera (as I wasn’t expecting to do this at all, for I found walk by accident), so I couldn’t take pictures of rooftops, etc.

One of Bacharach's old gates

An old bridge at Bacharach












The journey down was a bit precarious and I was worried I might twist my ankle yet again, but I made it back in one piece!













Cooking chili con carne tonight!











I just love this sign




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