Broglie, Monday 13th February 2012




Amazingly, this place is even more stunning in the snow.  We are used to seeing it in the sun, with the well-kept lawns, but it certainly hasn’t lost anything in this unusual cold spell, quite the opposite.

It snowed heavily for a while last night and then it turned into rain.  In the end, our neighbour didn’t leave: he was just emptying his water tank, then another one arrived late in the evening and, when we got up this morning, there were 2 more, so ‘ The Hollywood of the Atlantic Coast’ wasn’t just for us after all!




We felt tired and went to bed just after 8 pm last night, after watching another episode of the 2nd series of ‘The West Wing’ and didn’t get up until 8.30 this morning.  The Gendarmes came to check we had a ticket as I was tidying up ready for departure and Adonis was out walking Bramble and, after the usual chores, we set off at the late hour of 9.45 am on the D939 to Étaples, where we did a small shop for groceries and wine at Carrefour Market.  We then joined the A16 motorway south to Abbeville (€7.10) and then the A28 to Rouen, the E402/46 past Oissel and west to junction 24 to join the D438 past Bernay and finally here for 2 pm.



The whole way and countryside were covered in snow, which surprised me this far south and west.  We’ve just made an appointment with the vet at Broglie so that we don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the journey.  It’s a good thing that the law has changed in that respect and pets can have their worming tablets 5 days before the journey back to G.B. and there’s no need for the spot-on flea treatment, which makes it a lot cheaper too (€38 last time, compared to €50 previously).





Quaint water mill at Broglie


I really enjoyed my long walk in the snow with Bramble along the Charentonne river, past the quaint water mill and charming houses on the hill overlooking the river.  I took losts of pictures again, as I was completely bowled over by the sheer beauty of the place.

Earlier on the caretakers of the aire came by to try to clear the snow off the pitches with shovels, but they gave up after a while.  They came back later to collect the €5 fee for the overnight stay and I also bought some jetons (tokens) for the water machine (€2.50 each) as you never know when you’re going to need them.




Woods walk at Broglie

Easy meal tonight of burger and chips.  Tomorrow after vet we will try and wash the van, as it got filthy in the snow.  We’ll then drive up north again towards the Seine, to Jumièges aire, and the Rouen itself to visit the cathedral, which I’ve been wanting to do for some time.

walk near aire at Broglie











Houses near Charentonne river


The Charentonne river bank


Aire at Broglie in the snow

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