Les Bordes, Tuesday 16th August 2011


Shady motorhome aire at Les Bordes


It’s been a long drive today and we didn’t stop for the overnight stay until 3.30 pm, so we were a bit tired when we finally arrived.  It’s a lovely aire with shade, free water, a small lake and a good dog walk.  I think we’ll enjoy our stay here, especially as it’s central France and the weather is very good indeed: 30 °C in the shade!







yesterday we found a superb spot at Lac D’Orient, just 20 km east of Troyes.  We were right on the dge of the lake, with

Wild Camping at Lac D'Orient

some marsh land with loads of wagtails and just a few meters away from the sandy beach, cafes and toilets, although Ididn’t use those as they were the stand-up variety, which I find very uncomfortable.  We were facing south and had the sun all day, since we arrived at about 11 am.  We had usual rest and beer, lunch, nap and dog walk along foot and cycle track towards Lac du Temple, but I found this path too busy with too many bikes that spoilt the tranquility of the woods.







Sandy beach at Lac D'Orient


I cooked some pork loins marinated in ‘Masai’ sauce, which were delicious, and served it with couscous.  It was a beautiful hot evening with a gorgeous sunset and we stayed out till about 9 pm.

Bird watching at Lac D'Orient

When we got up this morning, Adonis noticed the official van taking pictures, so we assumed they were checking who was parked there and for how long, so we decided to move on.  I must mention now that there is an official aire about 100 meters away from here, but it’s not right on the shore and it was a bit too cramped for our liking.

Sandy beach at Lac D'Orient


Perfect for dogs to cool down.

This morning we headed for supermarkets on the Troyes ringroad, following the D619 and D610 and we got a bit muddled with exits 17a and 17b looking for Geant at Barbery.  We took the wrong exit and had to go all the way round again.  We did our shopping and trying to get back on course proved also difficult as it was a one-way road and had to drive about 5 km before being able to turn around.  We finally joined the N77 before St Florentin, Joigny and Sépaux, where there’s supposed to be a lake or étang, but we couldn’t see it from the road and must have missed a turning, so we stopped for lunch at Château Renard for an hour before carrying on through small D roads to join the D961 again at Thimory, passing Lorris and finally here, to the lovely little aire by the lake.

Beautiful dog walk around lake at Les Bordes


We had a quick beer and took Bramble for a walk through the woods.  I spotted a fishing area for Adonis and he’s going to have a go now!

Perfect for fishing too at Les Bordes




I am cooking salmon tonight.


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