Montbizot, Saturday 31st March 2012



Walk around Montbizon's aire


We waited ages for this it seems, but now we are away again.

We were surprised we were allowed to board the Euro Tunnel train at 9.20 pm last night, as our booking was for 6.40 this morning, but we tried our luck and saved some time.  We got up early this morning and were at Auchan hypermarket in Boulogne-sur-Mer when it opened at 8.30 am and did our usual shopping for food and drinks.  We left at 9.30 and had a coffee break just before Rouen.  Then, unusually, we drove motorways all the way to J21 on the A28 to make good time to arrive at this aire at Montbizot, where we arrived at about 2.15 pm.  It is a good aire, with some hedges for protection and access to the river, but with ‘No Swimming’ signs here and there, which I am sure the French ignore and so would we if the weather was hot enough, which it isn’t at the moment.


Aire at Montbizon


I had a quick go at fishing, but found a snag and I’m not getting all the gear out now to change a hook!

Walk around Montbizon's aire

Tomorrow we head for Le Mans/Tours/Châteauroux (via Loches), then past Limoges  to an aire at Magnac Bourg – at least that’s the plan.  That will put us within a morning’s drive of the site on the Lot and hopefully some sun and fish!






Tranquil Montbizon

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    • Merci aussi. Mon mari et moi adore La France et nous voulons voyager pour tout le pays, un peu chaque année. C’est très jolie. Je suis heureuse de que mon blog vous a plu. A Bientôt.

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