Lac de Pareloup, Wednesday 4th April 2012


Wild camping at Lac Pareloup

We were hoping to stay at lovely Camping de la Plage at St Cirq-Lapopie for four days, but the weather turned colder and wet and we decided to carry on further southeast, hoping to find the sun and the warmth again.

St Cirq-Lapopie


Monday afternoon was hot and sunny and we had lunch and dinner outside, we even put the awning out to give Bramble some shade and we had a paddle in our new inflatable boat to the other side of the river Lot to get used to it and row in a straight line instead of in circles, which was quite amusing.


Roadsign outside St Cirq-Lapopie


Unfortunately, yesterday dawned grey and rainy and after taking Bramble for his morning walk, I gently strolled uphill to the village of St Cirq-Lapopie and marvelled at the staggering beauty of the place.  I had never been in such an old place before and it entirely deserves the reputation of being one of the most beautiful villages in France.  It’s entirely medieval, with its ancient doors, windows, rooftops, etc and the view from the top of the cliffs is simply breath-taking, commanding a panorama of the river Lot, surrounding valleys and villages:  well worth the steep climb.







We returned again this morning for Adonis to see and to take photos, as I hadn’t taken my camera yesterday because I only went there looking for bread early in the morning, but there is no bakery in the village and I had to walk back to the campsite and cross the bridge to Tour-de-Faure, where there’s a hotel-restaurant, a bakery and a grocery shop.

The 12th century church at St Cirq-Lapopie



We spent the rest of the day at the campsite, Adonis fishing nearby and me crocheting and reading and made the

Old roof and window at St Cirq-Lapopie

decision that if it didn’t brighten up today, we’d move on.

And so it was that we woke up to another overcast and damp morning and, after taking a nice hot shower, we packed all our stuff, filled up with water and drove up to the village to take photos.

We were on our way towards Rodez by 10.30 am following the windy D42 south to join the D911 past Villefranche-de-Rouerque and stopped for coffee 804 metres up at the viewpoint in Rieupeyroux, marked by a chapel and 3 crosses and where we enjoyed some bright sunshine to go with our coffee and tarte citron.






Le Lot near St Cirq-Lapopie


On our way again to Baraqueville, where we joined the D888 past Flavin and Pon-de-Salars and where we headed south on D993 to this charming lake of Lac de Pareloup, just by Salles Curan, the small town down the road where I hope to buy our bread and cake tomorrow.








Stunning sunset at Lac Pareloup


Just been for a very pleasant walk along the lake shore.  It’s very quiet here now: Not a soul around!  And what an amazing sunset: the stuff of dreams.

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