Cransac Aire, Tuesday 10th April 2012



Pretty and secluded Cransac Aire


Well, it wasn’t sunny and it was windy this morning, so we left Stes Maries-de-la-Mer at a reasonable 9.30 am after a good walk with Bramble and a long wait at the campsite reception to pay for our day stay: slightly shocked at the €25.30 cost, by far the most expensive site we have ever been to.  Good job Floppy ‘forgot’ to declare the dog (another €4)!  Anyway, it was a nice day in the sun and we had a hot shower!


Cransac aire



No bread at the campsite shop, so it was foot to the accelerator and off we went through Montpellier and over the Millau viaduct to save time (€10.10) and on in driving rain.  We were glad to get off the motorway just after Millau and take the main road to Rodez, and on to the aire at Cransac, and very nice it is too!  We arrived about 3 pm for a late lunch.  The aire has delimited pitches separated by hedges and is clean, with excellent walks for Bramble.  Nobody has come to collect the €5.30 fee yet (7pm) due to the bad weather.  This is spa town, so it would have been lovely to explore it further in the sun.  We like it here: it feels very tucked away.

There’s been a slight leak in the van today through the side window when it was pouring down earlier on, but I’ve put some sealant on, so I hope it works.

Tomorrow we head for Brive-la-Gaillard and north, probably to Cuzion and then Lac des Varennes in the Vallée du Loir via Loches.

Work is still far away to worry and it’s 20 years of Adon and Flop!

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