Lac des Varennes, Thursday 12th April 2012


Lac des Varennes

Here we are again at one of our favourite spots to relax and fish in the Vallée du Loir near Château-du-Loir.  It’s warm and sunny and we have booked for four days in what is now going to be our first proper rest on this holiday, as so far we haven’t stopped anywhere else for more than two days.






It poured down with rain in Cransac, accompanied by thunder and lightning, so I never had a chance to go and explore what looked like a very pretty thermal town and the woods surrounding it.  On the plus side, nobody came to collect the €5.30 fee for the facilities at this lovely and secluded aire.


So yesterday morning, we followed the D840 from Viviez northwest past Figeac, Thémines and Gramat and stopped at Rocamadour for mid-morning coffee to make the most of the fact that being mid-week, there wasn’t a problem with parking and it wasn’t packed with visitors, as it tends to happen in the high season.  It certainly is a very impressive little town, perched high up on a cliff and pretty as a picture, of which I took a few.  It’s all very dramatic and wonderful and I’m glad we’ve seen it, but not being the religious type, we didn’t bother to visit the inside of the shrine where the miracle performing black Madonna is held, for we are not after miracles or healing of any sort.



From Rocamadour we went on to join the A20 motorway just south of Brive-La-Gaillarde at J54, past Limoges and La Souterraine to J20 to Cuzion, where we had enjoyed it so much last July.  I went for a long walk with Bramble along the river Creuse, downstream from the water dam, and really loved the tranquillity and beauty of the place.  I took some photos of wild orchids and other flowers before the skies opened again and had to make a run for the van, where Adon very thoughtfully had the heating on.

The River Creuse at Cuzion


I baked two fresh salmon fillets covered in chopped garlic and herbs de Provence and served it with new potatoes: a luxury meal in a place of outstanding natural beauty: life just can’t get any better sometimes.

Rain again first thing this morning, so we continued north on the A20 to Châteauroux at J13, to go northwest on D943, past Loches to Tours, the A28 to J27 and D938 to Château-du-Loir and D305 to Marҫon.

I love this place: the sun is really hot now and there’s no wind.  I can’t remember it ever being windy here.

Adonis is already fishing 10 metres away from me and he’s used our new inflatable boat to cast some bait into the middle of the lake. I hope he catches something this time.  I’ve got the password for wifi, so I hope to check on my messages later on.


Well, it’s Monday  16th April today, our last day here, and Adonis’s caught 3 carp, a 19lb, a 39.1 lb and 34 lb, so it

Adonis and his 39 lb carp

has been a very successful fishing break.

Adonis and his 39 lb carp











The weather has been changeable and we’ved had a mix-bag of everything, but that doesn’t detract from the charm and calm of this wonderful campsite.

Lac des Varennes campsite

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  1. Hi,

    Love the blog, very intersting indeed, I am off camping at Lac varennes in July and will be fishing for carp in the evenings, could you e-mail me with any tips you may have to boost my chances? Are the margins any good, or should I be baiting an area in the middle? Will I need a carte Vacance?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    • Hi, Rob

      And thank you very much for taking the time to read my blog. My husband is the fisherman in the family and I’ll ask him to write to you as soon as he has a moment. We’ve just come back from another week in France, this time in the magnificent campsite of L’Ile les Trois Rois in Les Andeys, between Rouen and Paris, right on the bends of the river Seine, where Peter also caught 2 carp (and one that got away!).

      I hope you have a wonderful time in Lac des Varennes: it really is one of our favourite places and you’ll see why when you get there. Make sure you ask for a pitch for fishing by the lake, so that you can watch your rods while still ‘at home’. Good luck and happy fishing and holiday!


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