L’Île des Trois Rois, Les Andelys, Sunday 3rd June 2012



Our pitch at L’Ile des Trois Rois and Chateau Gaillard in background

We are back at one of our favourite campsites in France, right on the river Seine.  We arrived yesterday afternoon after a longer than normal drive due to an accident involving  a bus and a pony trailer on the A28 between Abbeville and Rouen.  Luckily for us, by the time we joined the long queue of traffic, the tailback was by J. 7 to Amiens and we were quick to take it, but even then the traffic slowed down again by next toll at J. 12 on the A29, with only one paying booth for an unusual amount of vehicles that had also taken the same exit to avoid getting stuck for ours.  Apparently the bus was carrying 34 Britons and resulted in one major injury and 2 minor ones, but luckily no casualties apart from the pony in the trailer.

Lillypond at L’Ile des Trois Rois campsite


It was a very hot day yesterday, 30 °C inside the van in the shade in mid-afternoon, and we enjoyed a cool swim in the pool for us and in the lake for Bramble.

We are on a very generous pitch, at number 108, and we have loads of space and access to the river for Adonis to fish.  As always, we are also enjoying the marvellous view of Château Gaillard on top of the hill and the bridge crossing the river, as well as all the huge barges and pleasure boats drifting by on the river.

You really get a sense of space here.


There is a fête going on with a Medieval theme by the river bank just a short distance away from the campsite and I went there this morning after buying baguette for lunch.  They are selling just about everything, but my favourite has to be the saucisson seller, from whom I bought 5 for 10€.  There was also some beautiful glass jewellery, where I treated myself to a pendant and a fabulous Art Gallery marquee, where I spent quite some time admiring the original paintings, sculptures and various types of Art works.  I was even introduced to one of the painters – Louise Gatter – whose work I really enjoyed: the kind of work I would have bought had I had that kind of money available.  Her style reminded me of Frida Kahlo’s work.  Children can take part in various medieval activities like archery, chain-mail making and fighting and cooking was being done in cauldron and cattle drums.

Medieval Fete at Les Andelys









Medieval Fete at Les Andelys









Medieval Fete at Les Andelys









We are hoping to go back early this evening to enjoy the local brews and soak up the atmosphere.

The weather has taken a turn for the worse again and we had a big and noisy storm last night, so I hope it’ll be dry later on and to see the sun again soon.  Our new Lillypad windblocks we bought at Newbury’s Motorhome Show are proving their worth and doing a fantastic job in keeping the strong winds at bay and it was possible to enjoy our lunch outside despite this very blowy day!

Enjoying dinner outdoors


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  1. This all looks and sounds so wonderful! We don’t go camping (I no longer can – although I used to camp most summer weekends – and D has never wanted to) but we love Medieval Fayres!

    I hope you’re having a great time 😀

    • Thank you, Missus Tribble. We love being lost in the arms of nature and motorhoming is a fantastic way to travel, as you have everything you need on wheels (including spare beds!).

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